Abstract Line Wood Art

Regular price $65.00

These pieces have been made from reclaimed pallet wood and building wood. The wood was cleaned up and sanitized, stained and seal or painted for the pops of color. 

Black Cherry Pine: weighs in just under 10 lbs ; measuring 17.5" wide x 22.5" long x 1.5" thick. This piece has black cherry, white, gray and black stains that have been sealed with a gloss. The frame was sealed with a matte black.

Teal Poplar with Black Frame: weighs just under 10 lbs ; measuring 16.625" wide x 26.125" tall x 1.5" thick.  In this piece the raw wood is poplar that has been left raw but sealed with an oil polyurethane. Which then gives it a natural pine color with poplar markings. The frame has been sealed with gloss coating.

Each piece comes with two sawtooth hangers installed on the back. Giving the new owner the option of hanging each piece tall or long. But also making each piece out of the box ready to hang immediately.


Imperfections may exist due to being handmade.